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1963 63 chevy chevrolet c-30 wrecker tow truck cold start coldstart pedal pumping !!!

February 27, 2011 by admin

just a coldstart and walk around of my 1963 chevrolet c-30 wrecker ..outside temp was below 20 degrees plenty of pumping and off she went !!!


  1. floodedcaddy says:

    Really glad you’re okay and I hope you have a better 2011! :) Great new videos, too…Awesome pumpage on the 63! :)

  2. canadacatalyst says:

    thats an awesome truck! 3 million miles on the truck! wow here in canada it would be rusted out. your right about the tow truck being so versatile. i use mine for everything!

  3. gaspedal74 says:

    hello Jason welcome back I love your videos especially coldstart trucks.Thanks for shared

  4. TheOldcarlover says:

    Doesnt your truck stink like exhaust fumes and oil? Thats what I mean I love the way a old car or truck that smells stinky! The smell of raw exhaust is awesome. Dont u think so? And car and trucks these days dont even come near to the way a old truck or car smells! But yeah thats what I mean by stinky. lol sorry :(

  5. towrecker says:

    @TheOldcarlover lol my truck aint stinky lol lol

  6. TheOldcarlover says:

    By the way tow wrecker im a pretty female into old loud stinky trucks and cars!

  7. TheOldcarlover says:

    crazy! hey can u do a exhaust shot of the old 78 ford and of the old gmc tow truck? I really wanna see what it looks like when u start it and rev them up alil when its cold. Please? I love your toys they are just awesome as can be. And can I have a lil piece of your torn up seat on the ford? For a late christmas presant? lol . Im glad your ok friend we really missed u on here alot. Take care and keep pumping them beautiful red neck trucks of yours. : )

  8. towrecker says:

    @TheOldcarlover Thanks 😉 my wife says I like that truck more than I do her lol

  9. towrecker says:

    @TheOldcarlover well after the two bad wrecks of the past year , god had to be riding shotgun with me , because I am very lucky to have gotten out of both wrecks , and picked up the pieces myself , the wreck on the interstate when I jackknifed and hit the bridge , the officer said where is the driver , almost in a panic , and I said I was driving , he looked at me , then the wreck , then me , and said are you ok ? with a puzzled look lol

  10. TheOldcarlover says:

    Take care of youself buddy! And god be with u.

  11. TheOldcarlover says:

    i love your old red neck wrecker its a cool ass truck!

  12. bigandrich22 says:

    good to see ya back and making vids man sure did miss em

  13. gonehuntin018 says:

    @towrecker. Damn, sounds like you have had it ruff. Hopefully better things are coming your way.

  14. towrecker says:

    @gonehuntin018 been busted up most of the year , I got over the scion wreck , then got sideswiped by a tractor trailer , we hit a bridge rail at 60mph backwards ….been a rough year !!! spent most of my time trying to get myself fixed , and getting my truck back together , I will put a video up soon of what the last wreck did to the truck , the vid of the vic engine run is the car that we were pulling when the truck hit us , it hit us , then we all hit the bridge backwards ;(,,,,

  15. gonehuntin018 says:

    You haven’t been doing much towing lately?

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