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March 1, 2011 by admin

Just a little timeline of the old wrecker and the two trucks it has been a part of , and some shots of the tiny log cabin I lived in for years , all body work , and paint on the truck was done by me , where the truck is in the primer pics ..yes outside , and in the middle of town too!! the picks are all from 1998 , so I guess I did a decent job for it to have held up for 13 years , and still look as good as it does outside the whole time eh ? If you stumbled onto this video , please check out recent videos to see the truck now 13 years later …no it is not for sale , sorry…


  1. towrecker says:

    @MrBlueroads lol

  2. MrBlueroads says:

    @towrecker I couldnt figure it out, Im sliping

  3. towrecker says:

    @MrBlueroads well it is indeed “down to the river to pray” but alison krauss made it a well know acapella making the banjo kinda throw you off lol

  4. KampfGruppeLatham says:

    @towrecker Hey Jason….It’s called ” Down to the River to Pray”….Whoever played it did a dang good job! Allison Krauss put a great version of it out too !


  5. MrBlueroads says:

    @MrBlueroads Ive racked my brain, what is the name of the song?

  6. towrecker says:

    @Djkyle65 yes I still do , but not as a real job anymore …but I do still tow , I am going to sc to pick up an excursion this weekend :)

  7. Djkyle65 says:

    So i guess you dont do towing anymore?

  8. swrnc says:

    Nice job — You said 1998, as you look back–time sure does fly! doesn’t seem like it was that long ago. Great memorys will always last. Take it easy Pete

  9. MrBlueroads says:

    @towrecker no dont tell me though, i was listening to the mood, witch is very laid back, iI love it I will go back.

  10. towrecker says:

    @MrBlueroads I can’t remember who was now , been to long , I know I had some stuff on that disk , but I could never play that song and get it right ;( did you catch the song ? it’s hard to catch what it is …well played by banjo , that is lol

  11. MrBlueroads says:

    @towrecker who’s playing that banjar

  12. towrecker says:

    @MrBlueroads the music was the kicker for sure , and that took days to think of

  13. MrBlueroads says:

    I liked this vid and love the truck’s, That banjo sound’s perfect for this vid up in the hill’s, good job on everything.

  14. towrecker says:

    @More350Power in all of those pics , she still had her factory 283 though…

  15. towrecker says:

    @More350Power 383 stroker , built the wrong way ….decreased 400cid , instead of a increased 350 ….torquey little bugger :)

  16. More350Power says:

    One awesome truck there! What size engine is in that again?

  17. towrecker says:

    @bigandrich22 will do !

  18. bigandrich22 says:

    that ya papaw bought the truck and gave it to its means alot..itll never be sold ive had a lot of people try to buy it..check out my vids i got one up of it and i got another one of my old ford and my papaw and uncles old international that im still trying to get my hands on lol

  19. towrecker says:

    @bigandrich22 you kinda fall in love with the old things don’t ya though ? lol

  20. bigandrich22 says:

    loved the vid man..wish my old gmc looked that good..still got a ways to go with it

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