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Where did my car get towed?

Getting your vehicle towed without your consent can be mind-racking. The fear of not knowing if it was towed or stolen can be unbearable. If your car was towed from a private parking lot or apartment complex, your should first see if you can locate the wrecker companies’ signs. These signs are required by law and have a number that you can call 24hrs a day to locate your car. Most of the time by calling this number you will be able to find your car. If they are no help or did not tow your car then you must call the police department that patrols your area. Anytime a vehicle is towed without the owners consent it MUST be reported to the proper agency. Also if your vehicle was towed without your consent due to an accident or an arrest you contact the law enforcement agency that initiated the tow. They will have a record of where you car went. Fortunately we put together a list of phone numbers for different police agencies that can assist you in locating your towed vehicle.

HPD: 713-308-8580

Bellaire PD: 713-668-0487

Precint 5: 281-463-6666

Precint 7: 713-364-3660

Harris County Sheriff: 713-221-6000

Fort Bend County Sheriff: 281-341-4665

If you dont see the agency on this list just call information.

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